11 Top Women-led PFP projects — and What’s it Like to Own Their NFTs

11 Top Women-led PFP projects — and What’s it Like to Own Their NFTs

It’s International Women’s Day! To celebrate, we've prepared a list of PFP projects we admire. Some of those you've most likely seen as profile pictures of Crypto Twitter's most active personalities, while others might seem less familiar. One thing they all have in common is they are all led by talented women.

As one of the most important features for any PFP project is the community behind it, we wanted to give a glimpse into what's it feels like to have those precious JPEGs stored in your wallet. And what is a better way to do that than let the creators share their vision?

Before we dive in, we want to share a special announcement. For International Women’s Day, we’ve partnered with AllBright on their AllBright Sisters project. After building both web2 and physical spaces for female networking and careers, they are now launching AllBright Meta—their first NFT project.

We’re proud to partner with them and support a space in which women feel welcome. Want to join their presale list? Secure your spot here!

Now, let’s talk about some of the female-led PFP projects that have already put themselves on the map.

Say "good morning" to #boiz (and #gurlz)

Female artist Lirona is one of the OGs in the PFP space, and you've most likely seen her trademark 3D, statue-like #boiz—each a unique take on a familiar face, a fine line between PFP and art.

As she describes it herself, holding a #boi (or a #gurl, a twin collection where Lirona uses her distinct style for a more feminine look) is like "wearing your 'inside' on your sleeve", as in "a way to show who you really are, regardless of your physical appearance.

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#boiz on Twitter

Explore the Frontier of the Internet with Crypto Covens

Remember the good old internet days? You could get obsessed with a topic and spend hours on obscure websites to discover the secrets of the world.

Crypto Covens’ 5 female founders wanted to bring back the curiosity and randomness that make life exciting. So they built a PFP project not based on apes, lions or penguins—Crypto Covens are witches.

Their community is all about reviving the early internet’s spirit of mystery, curiosity and strangeness. Here’s what the founders themselves said about their project:

The aspiration of this project is to inject some whimsy back into the web, starting with the weird wilds — a place where WITCHES can wander and stumble upon the sorts of strange and delightful curiosities that originally made us fall in love with the internet. We hope these encounters will inspire the inquisitive and brave towards crafting their own corner in this universe.

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Crypto Covens on Twitter

Be Everything you want with Boss Beauties

“A Woman can be Everything she wants.” reads the first sentence of Boss Beauties’ Twitter bio. Founded by Lisa Mayer, the project is one of the most successful women-led PFP projects out there.

The Boss Beauties don’t just talk about being everything they want to be: They’ve recently collaborated with Rolling Stone Magazine and Barbie, bridging the gap between the NFT world and mainstream culture—something very few projects manage to pull off.

As Lisa Mayer said: “We want to empower women all over the world to be everything they want to be.”

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Boss Beauties on Twitter

Celebrate female achievement with Women Rise

We partnered with artist Maliha Abidi back in November because we loved her vision of highlighting female scientists, activists, artists, coders and more.

That’s why their NFTs include unique 1/1s that highlight remarkable women like Frida Kahlo. Here’s how Maliha describes the community behind Women Rise:

I would compare the experience of holding a PFP from my collection to being at the frontlines of rising for women’s rights, girls’ education and equality in Web 3.0. So imaging if you were marching for these values as an activist at the intersection of Tech, Innovation, art and activism.

So if you want to stand up for these values, the Women Rise community is for you! Also, if you’re in Austin, Texas, go check out their upcoming SXSW booth.

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Women Rise on Twitter

Become a WAWrior with Women and Weapons

Women and Weapons is a PFP collection of female characters holding daggers, nun-chuks and other weapons. Artist Sara Baumann created it to highlight female strength and power. Here’s how she describes it:

I would compare holding a WAW piece to holding a bold, symbolic, modern piece like Rosie The Riveter. Something that highlights all the intrinsic powers women have in an artistic and symbolic message.

Sara Baumann herself certainly has a lot of strength: She dreamed about being a professional artist since she was a young girl. For years, she worked as an occupational therapist and made art on the side. When Women and Weapons sold out, she finally made her dream a reality.

We need more inspiring stories like this—and that’s what WAW wants to do: Empower women to find and use their inherent strength.

If that sounds like you, maybe you should become a WAWrior (what the community members call themselves). Check out the collection below:

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Women and Weapons on Twitter

Be your own authentic self at the Sad Girls Bar

The Sad Girls Bar community is filled with fun people who accept you for whoever you are, with all your niche interests and creative fashion tastes.

Here’s how one of its creators describes the vibe:

Spending time at the secret bar with a dark and magical atmosphere, where you can just be yourself and connect with creative, open minded and no ordinary people.

After getting started with the Sad Girl NFTs, the bar grew to include Skeletongues (drinking skeletons) and Sad Cats. It now also features guest bar shifts from their community members and community jukebox playlists!

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Sad Girls Bar on Twitter

Be on the frontier of Web3 with Deadfellaz

This project has been making waves since August 2021. Their most recent launch is the 13k Deadfrenz collection including everything from monkeys and toads to hyenas and tigers.

The fellaz might be dead, but the community is anything but. The Deadfellaz team, led by co-founder Betty, is constantly on the frontier of NFT projects. Here’s how she described the Deadfellaz experience for us:

I would say holding a PFP from Deadfellaz is to be a part of something that challenges societal norms. Deadfellaz is a brand pushing boundaries and merging the irl world with the metaverse. To be a part of the Deadfellaz horde is to have access to an inclusive, creative and vibrant global community to explore Web3 and all its opportunities with.

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Deadfellaz on Twitter

Join the world of Blue Chip NFTs with World of Women

World of Women was one of the first women-led PFP collections—and has remained one of the most successful ones. KPMG Canada recently bought one, which shows that big companies are watching (and interested) in female-led NFTs.

Moreover, Reese Whiterspoon is planning to develop WoW characters into feature films, TV shows and educational events. That would make World of Women one of the first NFT projects to get their own movie(s)!

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World of Women on Twitter

Embrace your inner renegade with a Rebel Society NFT

If you’re into NFTs, you’re probably a bit of a rebel. That’s exactly who Rebel Society is for. Here’s how the founders explain it:

Holding a Rebel to me is like putting on my favourite leather jacket. My inner badass boss comes out and I'm instantly ready to tear up labels, kick ass, take names... and look fire while doing it!

But they’re not just saying that: They’re putting action behind it, for example with their Amplify #100WomenInNFTs events, which states its mission as “to amplify emerging women & non-binary NFT artists from all over the world and to make this an inclusive global event.”

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Rebel Society NFT on Twitter

Not a Rebel? Be a Meta Angel instead!

When you think of someone who’s an angel, who do you think of? Probably a kind person who always does the right thing. And that’s the type of community Meta Angels want to build. Here’s what the founders say about it:

'Holding a Meta Angels PFP is like holding up a mirror to humanity. We set out to create a collection that represented the full spectrum of gender and race, and that felt like Capital-A art. We want everyone to be able to find an angel they identify with and to be the sort of values-driven community that they would be proud to display.’

While each Angel looks different, they all share a similar style. It highlights that no matter how we look, live and love, there’s a common thread uniting us as humans. As Meta Angels told us: “[The Angels] stand for the better world that we build together through our actions.”

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Meta Angels on Twitter

Turn your swag on with Crypto Chicks

Crypto Chicks are a women-led project focused on “celebrating the unique, diverse beauty of women around the world”. Founded by Ms.Polly, the original 1/1 Crypto Chicks collection was one of the first female-only PFP projects.

The 10k collection is more accessible and recently released a big report about their community, which you can read here. So if you like to do your research before buying in, this might be the project for you!

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Crypto Chicks on Twitter