Become a weeb3.0 with these 8 Anime NFT projects

Anime pfps + NFTs = awesome and cool right now, so let's shine the spotlight on some popular collections.

Become a weeb3.0 with these 8 Anime NFT projects

While my Discord DMs are filled with strangers shilling NFT projects, my real life DMs are filled with friends shilling Attack on Titan. But before I get to watching the show, I’ll ape into some anime NFT projects.

Because let's face it: Anime PFPs are one of the biggest trends in the NFT space right now. Looking back, anime NFTs had to happen just because it’s such a visual and online culture.  

Now, before we get into the article, a quick word of fud caution: Always do your own research, especially when it comes to hopping onto trends. Many people end up buying from fake collections or FOMOing into projects they don’t actually like—so DYOR and ape responsibly (never thought I could use those two words together).

Okay, let’s get back to the fun stuff. Anime pfps + NFTs = awesome and cool right now, so it’s the perfect time to shine the spotlight on popular anime projects. We hope you’ll love one of these 8 collections to get in and find an NFT community you can call home!

Hold the NFT Anime grail with Azuki

👉 Find an Azuki you like or place a floor bid on

Azuki started the current anime PFP trend. While there were anime NFT projects before Azuki, Chiru Labs managed to start one that moved the entire market almost right after the mint. That’s not a surprise: The art is beautiful, the community loves it and the team executes on their roadmap quickly.

But their popularity also means that Azukis don’t come cheap: The current floor for an Azuki is around 26 ETH.

If you don’t have $69k burning a hole in your pocket, you have two options to join their ecosystem:

You can place a Rarible floor bid at a price you’re comfortable with—and pray to, I don’t know Vitalik, that someone accepts if the floor ever drops.

Or you could enter their official extensions of the Azuki universe:

  • Azuki #40 aka Bobu, the Bean Farmer is an NFT Chiru Labs calls “an experiment in decentralized IP.”. The token has been fractionalized into 50k pieces so that everyone can own a part of Azuki #40 (currently sitting at ~0.2 ETH per fraction, so probably not everyone—but still a rather affordable purchase).
  • BEANZ are Chiru Labs’ newest project and started as an airdrop for Azuki holders. As of now, the NFTs are unrevealed, with the only description being “BEANZ coming soon.”. We know as little as anyone else. While 5 ETH isn’t cheap, it’s a lower entry point to the Azukiverse than a full Azuki.

Join the Kiwami community to build an anime future

👉 Find a Kiwami you like or place a floor bid on

Almost every NFT project has a “community wallet”: A wallet that holds (crypto-) funds which the community governs and can spend for its own benefit. While many projects put a few ETH into it and forward some royalty fees, Kiwami goes the extra mile.

The team forwards half of all proceeds (from primary sale and secondary royalties) into the Kiwami Treasury. That way, the community has a ton of resources to realize its vision of the future of Kiwami.

Move to the metaverse and become a NeoTokyo Citizen

👉 Find a Citizen you like or place a floor bid on

If you’re an OG anime fan, you’ll recognize the name Neo Tokyo. Named after an anime masterpiece first created in 1987, this somewhat cryptic project is run by the popular Crypto Twitter personalities Elliotrades and Alex Becker.

Their communities rallied behind the project and got the floor price of the Citizens collection to 11.5 ETH. So if you snag one, it’s a serious flex!

While their Citizens collection is the only PFP collection in the Neo Tokyo ecosystem so far, it has a ton of other collections, including identities, land deeds and items.

Get yourself an anime cyborg with Everai Heroes

👉 Find an Everai you like or place a floor bid on

No list of anything anime could be complete without a cool sci-fi story (and robots!). That’s what Everai Heroes is all about. Its first hero Duo “is a cybernetically altered being who was gravely injured in an attack that took his brother’s life.”

Everai Heroes tells Duo’s story and gives holders exclusive access to drops, experiences and more.

The first NFT drop consists of 7,777 skins for Duo and currently sits at a floor of about 0.9 ETH.

Fade into the MURI shadows

👉 Find a MURI you like or place a floor bid on

MURI NFTs look mysterious, shrouded in shadows. Fabrik, the team behind the project, aims to turn their artwork into an anime brand that expands far beyond NFTs: After the initial drop, the team plans to release an anime series, physical toys and a fashion line.

Open the door to the Capsule House

👉 Find a Capsule you like or place a floor bid on

If you like anime, you don’t have to tell you how giant a goal Seerlight’s and Kaejunni’s goal of becoming “Web3’s Studio Ghibli” is. But when two successful artists make art together, they tend to create something awesome.

Capsule House, the brainchild of two successful anime NFT artists, has some interesting mechanics: While the mint “only” gave you a capsule, they slowly hatched and turned into full-blown anime PFPs.

Play the long game with Timeless Characters

👉 Find a Timeless Character you like or place a floor bid on

Anime AND they’re playable AND they’re cc0? Count me in! These NFTs were created by Treeverse. They’re building an NFT-enabled video game—and you can play in it as your Timeless Character. So while these NFTs are awesome creations by artist VIII, each corresponds to a playable 3D character inside Treeverse.

Jump straight into anime NFTs via Mini Supers

👉 Find a Mini Super you like or place a floor bid on

OK, I can explain this one quickly: Cute anime girls with a vibrant art style and an affordable floor price of 0.04 ETH. Seems like it could be a great entry point into anime PFPs, but who am I to give you financial advice ideas?