Citizens of Mantle have landed.

The free mint is live, and so is the secondary trading on Mintle!

Citizens of Mantle have landed.

It’s time. The free mint for Citizens of Mantle, the L2 blockchain’s inaugural PFP, is officially live.

Made in collaboration with a renowned female photographer and visual artist Chen Man, the project features stunning artwork and upgradable traits that you can unlock with each milestone you achieve within Mantle Ecosystem.

Customizable and dynamic, your CoM PFP will serve as your digital identity on the flourishing Ethereum L2 chain.

If you’re on the waitlist, mint your Citizen of Mantle now. For more details, please see the step-by-step mint guide created by the Mantle team.

But what if you’re not on the waitlist, or want to have several Citizens?

Don’t worry—Citizens of Mantle are now tradable on Mintle, your go-to Mantle NFT marketplace. Click below to get yours now and get your Mantle Journey started!