Get your own NFT marketplace for free!

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Launch your own NFT marketplace by pressing one button. Yes, really.

Own an NFT collection? Then you're just a few clicks away from creating your own custom marketplace. No built-in fees.

Launch your own NFT marketplace by pressing one button. Yes, really.

Today, we enable literally anyone who owns an Ethereum NFT collection to build their own customizable marketplace via one button. Few clicks. Zero code. Zero fees. Endless possibilities.

Update: As of January 2023, the community marketplace builder is available on Polygon, too. Click here to learn more

But first things first. If you follow our Twitter, read our newsletter or keep up with our blog, you’ve probably noticed we’re super bullish on community marketplaces.

Not in the loop in those? That’s okay, we’ll get you up to speed. A community marketplace is a customized NFT marketplace for one project’s collections. That has a few advantages:

  • No fake collections: This ensures all community members buy the real deal
  • Custom fees: You can set lower fees and send the proceeds to community/DAO wallets to benefit the community.
  • On-brand trading experience: Buying and selling NFTs on a marketplace with the same vibe as the community—not a third-party marketplace.
  • Greater decentralization: Community marketplaces exist independently from the top trading platforms, which can hypothetically go down/delist your NFTs at any point.  
  • Built-in liquidity: Powered by Rarible Protocol, community marketplaces automatically import sale orders and bids from OpenSea, X2Y2, LooksRare,, sudoswap (with more marketplaces to be added soon).

So unless you’re only looking for a quick flip, community marketplace > third-party marketplace. So far, we’ve hand-picked the projects we partner with for community marketplaces. A few of these are:

But now, we’re enabling any NFT collection owner on Rarible to build their own marketplace with NO built-in fees.

Introducing: “Create marketplace” button. It allows you to launch your own NFT marketplace in just a few clicks.

Getting started

No need to sign in because you keep at least 3 tabs open anyways for good luck (you do, right?). If you don’t, connect the wallet that owns the collection you want to create a marketplace for and sign in/up to

Next, simply navigate to the collection and click “Create marketplace”. This button only works for collection owners, so make sure you’re connected with the right wallet.

Launching your NFT marketplace

Now it’s time for some basic paperwork. You’ll see this form:

Yes, your email address is the only required field for now and you can change everything else later via the editor. So if you own an NFT collection and an email address, you can create your custom NFT marketplace pretty much instantly.

All the fields here are self-explanatory, except for the Community fee one: This is the transaction fee your marketplace will charge on each transaction. Those fees will be sent to the wallet address you specify in the next field, so it can be the address for your community treasury or your DAO's wallet, for instance. Rarible charges NO fee on the marketplaces created via this generator, so 100% fees go directly to the wallet affiliated with your project. Or you can even have no fees whatsoever (in that case you just need to set Community fee to 0%) — this generator is all about the freedom that Web3 provides.

After you're done with that form and click 'Create', your marketplace is live!

Now to the marketplace editor, which enables you to customize your new platform. You can access the editor at any time via the three dots on the top right (see 'Settings').

The editor has 4 sections that enable you to customize your marketplace, starting with the General one:

As you can see, this one is all about the visuals: you can pick a theme (dark/light), base color, primary color, fonts, and upload your logo—quite a few options to make sure the marketplace nails the !vibe of your collection.

Then you have a toggle that allows you to display/hide stats (i.e. the floor price, number of items, volume)—we recommend leaving it on so that people who are considering buying in can do their due diligence.

Now to the second section, called Main page.

A quick explanation of the fields here:

  • Fullscreen hero: This makes the top section of your marketplace fullscreen instead of showing additional information.
  • Title: This will be the title of the tab in the browser, Google results, etc. It’s easiest to simply put the collection name, but feel free to get creative.
  • Description: This goes under the headline—explain your collection (and/or marketplace) in a few words.

Next, there is Explore section:

This one is as straightforward as it gets—you only have to upload your background picture that will show up on the 'Explore' page of your marketplace.

Finally, the last section is for Social media links:

Here, you simply put in the socials for your collection so that people can easily find and connect with your community, be it on Twitter, Discord, or Instagram.

Your new marketplace is ready

Finish the process and… ta-da! You’ve now got your own custom marketplace on which your community can trade NFTs. When you launch it, it imports orders from all of Rarible Protocol, including sale orders and bids from OpenSea, Looksrare, X2Y2, Sudoswap (with more to be added soon)—that way, your community can ape in immediately.

But remember to get people to list on your marketplace so that they can trade at minimal fees (0% on the Rarible side and then whatever percent you choose to charge on behalf of your project). It's a win-win for everyone.

Here’s to the decentralized Web3 future!