Following the community vote, $RARI weekly distribution for users ends on 16th Jan

Following the community vote, $RARI weekly distribution for users ends on 16th Jan

TL;DR: Good news for $RARI holders! The Rarible DAO community passed a proposal to end weekly $RARI distribution for trading on the marketplace. This will let the Rarible DAO focus and further execute its vision of fueling the next-gen web3 projects.

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If you’ve read the TL;DR, you’re probably wondering why the weekly $RARI airdrop is ending. We figured that might require a few words of explanation.

Looking back

Web3 is like a time machine. It’s been 18 months since the $RARI token saw the world. Feels like a few years ago!

What started as a reward for buyers and sellers on, grew into so much more.

Driven by the force of decentralization, we launched open-source and DAO-governed Rarible Protocol and enabled anyone to use our technology on their own website, dApp or NFT project (even if they’ve never used Rarible Marketplace).

To foster community ownership, $RARI holders steer the protocol’s direction by proposing changes and voting on them.

The team is building on the Rarible Protocol, but so are many others now, including Decentraland, Cyber, Zerion, and more.

What’s next

$RARI has grown up, and it is time for change. The most recent proposal unanimously facilitates that!

The weekly distribution of $RARI token for trading on is ending on January 16th. All payouts will be received during the 2 week period by 28th January. $RARI claim will still be available for you anytime.

Rarible DAO grows bigger and stronger, and will continue to work on the Rarible Protocol — and other exciting decentralized projects to come.

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This is just the beginning!

Much love, team