Meet Mintle, the Freshest Marketplace on Mantle Network

Your gateway to the flourishing NFT ecosystem built on the hottest Ethereum L2 chain.

Meet Mintle, the Freshest Marketplace on Mantle Network

Web3 is constantly growing, and brands have been bringing their communities to web3 en masse. However, having to pay dozens of dollars to mint or buy an NFT rarely makes sense for newer users.

At Rarible, we believe the future of NFTs is in accessible, low-cost NFTs for larger communities of collectors.

This is where Layer 2 (L2) solutions come to help. On an L2 network, most transactions are just a few cents and settle in seconds. That’s why even Vitalik said that “we need to move NFTs onto the layer 2 ecosystem”.

Let’s unpack our partnership with Mantle in more detail and see.

Mantle Network: An L2 you’ll love

Incubated by the former BitDAO (now Mantle Governance), Mantle Network is an Ethereum rollup, meaning it batches transactions and sends them to the main Ethereum blockchain. This enables it to operate much faster and cheaper than Ethereum itself.

Because Mantle was incubated by a DAO, it’s also community-led (just like the Rarible Protocol ;)):

  • The community gets to vote on what happens with the $2 billion Mantle Treasury. This has included creating a $200 million ecosystem fund for builders.
  • Holders of its $MNT token decide on the product roadmap.

And because every new chain needs an active community, we’ve partnered with Mantle to help them supercharge their NFT ecosystem.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

Rarible x Mantle

Our partnership consists of multiple components:

  • Rarible Protocol now supports Mantle Network
  • The NFT marketplace Mintle, which enables trading of any NFT collection on Mantle Network.

We believe that building with and for NFTs should be easy. And with initiatives like Game7 already building on Mantle, protocol integration makes it easier than ever to fetch and index the NFTs you need to build what you want.

Though Mantle Network is new on the block, it already comes with NFTs for you to check.

NFTs to check out on Mintle

While NFT collections and apps have already started building on the Mantle ecosystem, Mantle is launching two collections itself:

Mantle Journey is an open-access and performance-based program designed to reward users and applications.

It offers a soulbound token called Mantle Journey Soulbound Token (MJSBT) for you to mint, and the MJSBT will be users’ Mantle identities to participant in Mantle ecosystem activities and unlock rewards.

When you mint a MJSBT, it indexes activities such as transactions and smart contract interactions, which accrue Mantle Journey Miless and influence the rewards you can claim. This will unfold in epochs or seasons, with points carrying over from one epoch/season to the next.

Right now, Mantle Journey is running its Season Alpha.

Citizens of Mantle is the blockchain’s inaugural PFP collection. Each Citizen of Mantle NFT is modular, and dynamically upgradable from a basic character NFT to a character with multiple add-on traits such as headgears, body accessories, etc., as your Mantle Journey progresses.

The Citizens of Mantle NFT allows users to unlock these add-on traits by reaching certain thresholds of Mantle Journey Miles. The stunning artwork was created by Chen Man, one of contemporary art’s foremost female artists and fashion photographers.

Outside of the Mantle projects, you can already pick up some cute moles, dogs and wolves! Or are you more into skulls? Anime-type art is always a nice choice too!

To get started on Mintle today, you can use your Ethereum wallet address. Simply bridge some tokens to Mantle and pick something up on the marketplace.

Now let’s go build that L2 future together.