R is for Royalties.

#StandForRoyalties: Announcing Rarible's new free OE mint.

R is for Royalties.
TL;DR:• Royalties are being sidelined as optional by major market players.• Rarible stays strongly in support of royalties.• To amplify the importance of royalties, we're launching an entirely free OE mint.

At a time where royalties are increasingly being treated as optional and sidelined as ‘creator fees’, we at Rarible stay strongly in support of the very people who made this space possible—NFT creators—and their right to be rewarded for their work.

Onchain royalties are one of the greatest use cases for both NFTs and blockchain, and one of the reasons why we have so many great artists in the community.

If there were no royalties, would ArtBlocks have grown big enough to make blockchain gen art one of the most exciting mediums in contemporary art? Would BAYC have become a pop cultural phenomenon? Would Nouns have shown the possibilities of DAOs?

To amplify this message, we’re launching a completely free Open Edition mint on Polygon, available via the Rarible homepage through the end of next week.

This OE highlights Rarible’s efforts in staying pro-royalties:

  • Any creator can launch their own community marketplace on Ethereum or Polygon for free in just a few clicks via the builder.
  • Native listings on Rarible.com and all Rarible-powered marketplaces always respect the royalties in full, as envisioned by the creator.

We’re providing the tools to make royalties a norm. The more people create their own marketplaces and list NFTs directly there, the more empowered creators become. Empowered creators have more possibilities to push the space forward, which is great for everyone involved.

This free mint comes with no utility—think of it as Proof of Support. Let’s spread the word about the importance of royalties.

R is for Royalties.