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Rarible governance explained

Last month we introduced $RARI: Rarible governance token distributed weekly among the most active creators and collectors on Rarible. What…

Rarible governance explained

Last month we introduced $RARI: Rarible governance token distributed weekly among the most active creators and collectors on Rarible. What a ride! Since then, we have seen a spike in interest and trading volumes. Rarible family is strong, supportive and enthusiastic, and we thank you for being the best community ever! Now, it’s time to get this governance up and running.

RARI is designed to give our community members the power to shape the platform’s future, curate, moderate, and vote for new features. This post provides a sneak peak into Rarible governance system that we are about to shape together, explains how it works & why, and gives a step-by-step guide to submitting your proposals.

Why governance?

The ultimate goal of Rarible is to evolve into a fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where all governance and decision rights belong to the platform users. Need a new feature? Have a vision how to make the platform better? Think someone is toxic and should be moderated? Or some members deserve an art or community grant? On Rarible, you have a voice, and your voice is heard.

We welcome the NFT community with active vision and attitude to participate in Rarible marketplace and build the fully decentralized marketplace of the future with us.

Rarible governance principles


By providing creators and collectors with the opportunity to propose and vote on platforms upgrades, we make sure that the platform becomes a public good, responsive directly to its community members. If you have a thought or an idea — you absolutely have to share!


We encourage self expression on any matter: whether you have an idea or a concern, if you want to support a project or disagree with others — share, express, and push it. Every opinion is counted, heard and valued. You can learn more about your rights here.


Always keep in mind that the ultimate goal of every proposal is to make the platform better. Think it through and offer constructive arguments & feedback.


When submitting a proposal pitch, think it through. Are you clear enough in description? Are you offering substantial arguments? Can you suggest practical steps to implement the solution, rather than express a wish?


To make sure all incentives are aligned, we strongly encourage openness on the identity and RARI holdings in governance proposals. We suggest than everyone mentions their name and the amount of tokens you held.

Where to start

  • Check out Rarible FAQ
  • Rarible Telegram is for community chat, sharing artworks and general discussions.
  • Rarible Discord is for support, themed discussions, and initial development ideas. We recommend to share ideas & discuss questions here first, before submitting a proposal.
  • Rarible Discussion is the main governance channel for feature requests, well-structured, reasoned proposals, and community discussions. This is the final step prior to voting.

Ideas and discussions are welcome in every channel, but keep in mind that eventually every discussion has to be moved to Rarible Discussion to be considered as a proposal.

How to submit your proposal

1) Come up with an idea. Promote it

Got an idea? Awesome — now, go advocate! Initiate a discussion in Rarible Discord, in Telegram and Twitter. Convince other participants to support you, get them to express their voice & upvote. Hear feedback. Make sure that your proposal will make the platform better for everyone.

2) Create your proposal pitch in Rarible Discussion

  • Choose the right tags, clear title, and make sure there is no ongoing or rejected proposal on the same subject already.
  • Proposal Category:
    – Platform development / new features
    – Moderation
    – Community / governance
    – Technical upgrades
  • Describe your proposal
    – Summary [what is being proposed?]
    – Motivation [why do you want this implemented? how Rarible community will benefit from it? offer convincing arguments]
    – How it can be implemented? How difficult it is?
    – Other points to consider, pictures and images

Mention your credentials & the number of $RARI you hold for other community members. To submit an official proposal, you can’t be anonymous.

3) Get feedback from the team

If your idea clicked with the community, and we see active interest and feedback, the request is granted the “proposal candidate” status. At this point, the team evaluates if implementing the idea is technically possible at the moment.

4) Vote

The proposal is put for a final vote.

Have an idea you want to share with Rarible? Follow the simple steps in this Medium post and feel free to reach out on Twitter or Discord if you have any questions. Let’s implement full community governance together!