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Rarible Month-by-Month: February 2021

The NFT market is getting hotter by the minute, and we’re happy to be part of the action!

Rarible Month-by-Month: February 2021

The NFT market is getting hotter by the minute, and we’re happy to be part of the action!

February turned out to be a very eventful month for Rarible. We kickstarted it by announcing the successful closure of our seed funding round backed by top crypto investors including 1kx, Coinbase Ventures, ParaFi Capital, CoinFund, and others.

Meanwhile, the influencers’ club on Rarible continued to onboard new members: this month, we were lucky enough to see the likes of Mark Cuban, Lindsay Lohan and Tyga debut their NFTs on the marketplace.

And to top it off, on Feb. 16 our governance token $RARI reached an all-time high of $24 per token!

As you can see, there’s a lot of things to catch up on — so before you scroll down for more updates, you can also subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter.

Network statistics

Rarible has been growing at an exponential rate: we have exceeded $48 million in total lifetime volume, with over $17 million in the last 30 days only.

Development updates

As you might have already noticed, Rarible is now boasting a new look along with upgraded social features.

Here’s what’s new:

Via the new Featured section, you now can quickly catch up on NFT-related content: important updates from the team, tips & articles from the community, partnership announcements and curated artworks selection.

Twitter account verification to earn trust from buyers

You can verify & link your Twitter account to your profile on Rarible. It’s an important addition to the existing verification tools on the marketplace, as it creates an additional layer of trust for creators and collectors. Besides, it can boost your follower count — so we highly recommend to link your Twitter account!

Hot collections tab 🔥: collections with top volume for the past week

Unlike hot bids, this new tool tracks the pricing for all NFTs within a single collection, giving you a more general idea of what kind of content is particularly hot among traders. Very useful for research!

Activity tab

You can track all listings, sales, bids, likes, follows and more in the new Activity tab. Monitor what’s up with you, your followings, and the entire marketplace.

WETH bidding balance and converter

We’ve fixed a major confusion with WETH balance that you couldn’t see. Now your bidding balance and a converter tool are always at hand in the user menu.

Other updates include:

  • Refreshed leaderboard
  • Dark theme enhancements
  • Minor UX improvements

Governance updates

On 10th February, we shared the draft proposal for [RR-2] Rarible DAO Structure: Community Treasury and Staking for Voting power on the governance forum. The team inspired by the amount and the quality of feedback received! We’ve received dozens of comments and suggestions on the forum, and hosted a community call on the subject. The active governance community is starting to shape, and it’s encouraging to witness.

Rarible DAO newsletter has been launched: [subscribe]