Introducing RaribleX, the turnkey marketplace solution

Visionary product for the next generation of NFT use cases.

Introducing RaribleX, the turnkey marketplace solution

New market cycles require new solutions.

We believe the next NFT bull market is already cooking behind the scenes, powered by mass adoption and innovative brands.

What will this new market look like? Imagine that the ownership and exchange of NFTs is as commonplace as sending an email. The majority of internet users mint NFTs and engage with their digital wallets daily. NFTs are the preferred method for distributing digital goods and services. 

This future might become a reality sooner than you think.

More use cases. More marketplaces.

During the previous bull run, we saw two main use cases—NFT art and PFPs. With the new cycle, we’re about to see a lot more.

But the more use cases we get, the less effective the marketplace structure we’re all used to (one platform to trade thousands of projects) becomes.

Different use cases require different user experience, and the ultimate marketplace for a big sports organization will look different from a marketplace for a 10k PFP collection. It’s impossible to host such different projects under one UI.

This is where the idea of vertical marketplaces, each catering to its own ecosystem, comes into play.

Today, we're thrilled to launch what we believe is the ultimate product for the next NFT cycle—RaribleX.

What is RaribleX?


RaribleX is a turnkey marketplace solution for web3 market leaders and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Live now, RaribleX is a one stop shop to launch world-class web3 marketplaces. It covers the full product life cycle, from creating NFTs to hosting secondary sales.

Vertical by design, those marketplaces let emerging and established brands own their user experience, unlock new revenue streams and receive protected royalties from each transaction—which, in turn, facilitates the growth of the entire web3 space.

Yes, it’s that mass adoption we’ve all been anticipating.

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How RaribleX has been fuelling growth amid the bear market

We've been working on RaribleX for the past two years. Now live publicly, it has been used by toy companies, PFP communities, art projects, sports organizations and L2 blockchains.

For instance, RaribleX has powered the marketplace for McFarlane Toys, helping the company beloved by collectors across the world take its action figures to Polygon and generate over 1,000,000$ GMV in primary and secondary sales over the past months.

Mattel Creations Virtual Marketplace

We're also proud to share that the secondary sales marketplace we've built for Mattel on Flow hosts digital collectibles for two of its flagship IPs — Barbie and Hot Wheels — and currently has over 215,000 unique users. With an average transaction cost of $9 and the email log in option, this marketplace is different from the web3 we know. We see it as a glimpse into the future of NFTs.

Further, we've been working on a marketplace for Animoca Brands, a web3 titan whose investment portfolio has over 450 companies. The Mocaverse marketplace, home to one of the best performing NFT collections of the current market, has seen over 6,000+ bids placed in wETH and $APE, and a total of 45,000 $RARI distributed in a unique rewards program designed specifically for the marketplace with the RARI Foundation.

There's been more marketplaces we're honored to have worked on, and many more to come.

The next cycle of NFTs will be different. Let's build it together.