Sniping rare NFTs on Rarible has never been easier

The new Rarity Sniper integration allows you to see how rare any PFP is within its collection—and sort by rarity!

Sniping rare NFTs on Rarible has never been easier

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting a rare NFT on a bargain. Whether you see one listed at the floor or get it pre-reveal… it’s like finding money in an old jacket you haven’t worn in a while.

And now is the perfect time to buy them up: the market is bearish, and a lot of holders are listing their PFPs at or below the floor price regardless of their rarity, which creates a perfect opportunity for you and me the degens among us.

Because that feeling is so good, we want you to have that lovely dopamine rush more often—and that’s why we’ve partnered with Rarity Sniper!

On our (btw) redesigned item pages, you’ll now find that NFT’s rarity score within the collection. So while the redesign puts the art more into the spotlight, it also helps you figure out if something not only looks, but actually is rare.

This is how it works: Rarity Sniper checks the nature and amount of an NFT's traits, and automatically compares that set to all other NFTs within the same collection, calculating its rank.  

As you can see, this particular Moonbird is rarer than 1,520 of its pixel frens

The multicolored widget in the ‘Properties’ tab will now tell you how rare the NFT you’re looking at is within its PFP collection, while you can also sort by rarity.

Just click on any collection and then find the two 'sort by rarity' options in the dropdown menu

The feature is now available on all Ethereum PFP collections. So while we could write more here, go to now and hunt for rares before others find this article!

And if you’re not looking to buy more NFTs, why not check out your NFTs and see if you scored rares you can list way above the floor?