Announcing Regressive Fees on

Plus an easy way to pay no platform fees whatsoever.

Announcing Regressive Fees on

At Rarible, our main focus right now is building for the next stage of NFTs, a future where the ownership and exchange of onchain assets will be as commonplace as sending an email. This requires us to stay flexible by making certain changes to our products.

Starting 27 October, 9:00 AM EST, a new regressive fee structure will be adopted instead of the current fixed commission on, along with the option to remove the platform fees altogether.

The new fee structure is based on the USD price of the NFT that's being traded at the time of the sale, and will work as follows:

$4,000+: 0.5% per each side (the buyer and the seller)

$2,000 - $4,000: 1% per each side

$400 - $2,000: 2.5% per each side

$100 - $400: 5% per each side

$0 - $100: 7.5% per each side

For instance, if the current floor price on y00ts is 0.779 ETH ($1,218) and you were to buy a floor priced y00t, you would pay 2.5% of that (~0.019 ETH, or $29) in platform fees. Similarly, you would pay the same amount if you were selling one for that price.

Notably, this update does not affect any of the Rarible-powered community marketplaces made via the self-service builder, where the fee remains at 0% per each side. Similarly, the custom marketplaces designed specifically for our partners keep the same fees as they had before this update (those fees vary on a case by case basis—please consult each of our partner marketplaces separately).

How to pay no trading fees on

Additionally, there is an easy way to pay no trade fees at all on your transactions: All you have to do is lock a minimum of 100 $RARI tokens at the RARI Foundation website by following the step-by-step instructions.

As long as your tokens are locked, each of your trades on will come with a 0% fee—you'll just have to pay the gas fees and royalties, should the NFT you're buying have any.

We’re excited for what the future holds for NFTs, and are constantly looking for ways to keep our product accessible and convenient for all creators and collectors.