Rektguy zero-fee marketplace is live. So are our Web3 confessions

Everyone gets rekt sometimes—and the Rarible team is no exception. But here's what keeps us going.

Rektguy zero-fee marketplace is live. So are our Web3 confessions

Let’s be honest: We’ve all aped into some, uhm... questionable projects. Looking back, it’s obvious why things didn’t work out. But who could’ve known ahead of time that the world didn’t need yet a 1000th set of 'adjective + apes' PFPs whose entire roadmap is built around the word 'metaverse'?

We’ve all gotten rekt before. And as much as we’re NFT professionals at Rarible, even our team has a degen side.

That’s why we love the rektguy NFTs. It’s fun to read their confessions on Twitter, it’s cc0, the art is good—and the project serves an important purpose in the community (we'll get into that shortly). So we worked with OSF—the project's co-founder—to ship a zero-fee community marketplace for the rektguy community.

If you’re so degen you want to ape in and get yourself a rektguy right now, head over to

But if you’re just finding out about rektguy, you probably want to know more about the project. As OSF told us, he first drew the sketch for rektguy while being bored on his day job back in September 2021. "That doodle formed the foundation of all my art, and at the beginning of this year we had the idea to create a pfp project surrounding rekt culture," he explains, adding:

"We launched in May, unintentionally timing it with the market crash...couldn't have been more rekt. But that's what the community is about; we're all down bad and we're just trying to have some fun. Rektguy will be a badge of honour in the future; "I survived the 2022 bear market".

We feel like NFTs should be fun, inclusive and create a supportive community—not make you feel alone and ashamed because some people on Twitter claim to have 10x their money while your portfolio is down. In that sense, rektguy provides an outlet for people’s stories and makes them feel less alone.

And if you don’t feel like you’ve made enough degen trades to get a rektguy, let us inspire you with a few anonymous rekt confessions from the Rektguy community and the Rarible team:

Rektguy community rekt confessions:

"Converted $100k to buy $APE at 21 bucks to buy Otherside land. I didn't know how to set my gas to be faster so I ended up not minting any. $APE dropped to $18 and I told myself I'd wait for the next bounce. It never came and I'm still holding it now and have lost $80k"

Should we publish a how-to on speeding up transactions? Can’t have our frens down bad like that.

"Minted an RLD, but sold it after for about $800 because I needed the cash. It's now worth $15k. Profit is profit, I whisper to myself nightly as I cry myself to sleep."

Regret stings, but good on you for being up on this trade ser.

"I was an early collector of Apes with my friend and we have a joint portfolio of NFTs. In the last two months we have lost about $35m in market value. We tell ourselves we're in it for the long run but we're not gonna lie, we wish we took more profits".

Rarible 🤝 Rektguy Community. In it for the long run.

"I sold my entire airdrop of $APE coin because I wanted to take some profits. I told myself that maybe it could go up another 20% but there's no way it would double. It then quadrupled in the next 4 weeks."

Quadrupled in 4 weeks? That’s one druple per week. Unreal scenes.

"Made approximately $150k on Saitama Inu in December. Didn't sell any and it went to $5k. I sold it and put some money into trash NFTs that all went to 0. I spent another $50k on more NFTs that are now worth a total of about $1k. I now have $40 in my bank account and have had to get my old job back."

Just. Ouch.

Rarible team gets rekt

We’re proud to have some degens on the team too, so we decided to take up the challenge with our own confessions. Here’s one from the mobile team.

Decided to mint STEPN sneakers. Transferred sneaker to friends account. Till cooldown for mint cost raised from 600$ to 1200$. After mint floor price dropped down from 1500$ to 400$. REKT but was very fun.

Ouch, that must’ve hurt. To make our mobile team feel better, you’re now obligated to download our app.

But can mobile team compete with business development?

Made 5x on Solana, turned the profit to Tomb finance (Fantom), put LP into Grim Finance (auto compounder). Grim got exploited, lost all the funds. Happened during Christmas break 😢

Multiplying your money always feels good. But not when somebody else multiplies it by zero.

Here’s a short, almost Hemingway-esque story from marketing:

Still staking my $SOS airdrop.

For the last time, creative team: Maybe ask the numbers people before making token decisions next time? We’ve been over this…

My first crypto investment which I felt really good about at the time was Ripple (XRP)… at $3 each. I was imagining getting really rich. x10 loss to date!

XRP army, let me see your (diamond) hands! Looking back, 2018 was such a naive time.

Let’s get rekt together

As you see: Everyone’s rekt, everyone’s down bad. Why not have fun with it and get a rektguy NFT on their brand-new marketplace to celebrate it? Get one here.