Tezos is live on Rarible.com! Check out Blazing Futures community drop, Ubisoft NFTs — and start minting

Tezos is live on Rarible.com! Check out Blazing Futures community drop, Ubisoft NFTs — and start minting

Discover the energy-efficient blockchain with gas fees that cost next to nothing.

Tezos blockchain is now live on Rarible.com! That means you can start buying, selling and creating energy efficient NFTs with gas fees at just a few cents.

Tezos has therefore become the third blockchain supported by our multi-chain marketplace, joining the ranks of Ethereum and Flow. While three is definitely a magic number, we’re already working on more integrations to continue our bigger cross-chain push to give you wider access to all your favorite collections, artists and communities, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, to celebrate the launch, we’ve prepared a handy guide that will navigate you through what you can do with Tezos on Rarible.com and preview some exciting activations we have in the pipeline.

Discover the Blazing Futures drop by Tezos community

Starting today, an exclusive Tezos community drop is available on Rarible.com.

Titled ‘Blazing Futures’ and curated by Diane Drubay, it offers ten interpretations of the future of art, society and crypto. Those unique works are authored by ten prominent Tezos creators, each available in an edition of ten.

Ranging from nostalgic, intentionally kitschy CGI from John Karel, to hazy and surreal art from Jenni Pasanen, the drop also features artists Kelly Richardson, Alex Crouwers, Portrait XO, Memo Akten, The Bad Lament, Joanie Lemercier, and Des Lucréce.

With such an amazing and extensive lineup, we’re sure you’ll find something that speaks to you.

Trade Ubisoft Quartz NFTs

Tezos’ high performance, low fees and minimal carbon footprint have fostered a vibrant, passionate NFT community (just have a look at the memes they’ve been making!). It comes as no surprise, then, that major brands have started using Tezos to make their Web3-ready product.

French video game giant Ubisoft is the latest such company to partner with Tezos, having just launched Ubisoft Quartz, a platform for players to acquire Digits, the first NFTs playable in AAA games, starting with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint.

Digits are released as part of limited editions each composed of a fixed number of items that represent vehicles, weapons, and pieces of equipment, among other things.

We’re excited to announce that Rarible will immediately support secondary sales for Digits, meaning that you can still acquire those playable NFTs even if you missed the original drop!

Discover Ubisoft Quartz Collection

Prepare to explore the boundless world of Tezos

We are releasing the Tezos integration in two phases. Phase one, which is already live, enables you to mint, buy and sell NFTs as part of the Rarible collection and trade the Ubisoft Digits NFTs.

Phase two, which will be released shortly, will introduce additional features, namely the ability to mint your own collection via custom contracts and add royalties to imported collections like Tezzards, Gemz and other exciting projects we’ve seen emerge on Tezos over the past couple of months (we can’t wait to see them on our homepage!)

To start browsing through Tezos NFTs on Rarible.com right now, simply hit ‘Explore’ at the top near the search bar and select Tezos.

Once you do that, your feed will start displaying Tezos NFTs, denominated either in xtz - the blockchain’s native token - or eurTZ, the network’s stablecoin pegged to Euro.

Mint your first Tezos NFT

To create or trade Tezos NFTs, you’ll need to set up a Tezos wallet (note that it’s a different type of wallet, so you can’t use your Ethereum one).

  • Click “sign in” at the top right, and then select Beacon from the list of supported wallets (it’s displayed with a Tezos badge for visibility).
  • While you can choose from several different Tezos wallets, we recommend choosing Temple as it’s currently the most stable option. Once you’ve set up your wallet on Tezos, connect it with Rarible.com.
  • To mint a Tezos NFT, click ‘Create’ and select Tezos. Then simply follow the instructions. Currently, you can only mint NFTs as part of the Rarible collection - but we’ll soon start supporting custom contracts for separate collections.

Also, please note that you can only mint multiples on Tezos blockchain by design - but you can still limit the number of editions to just one.

Other awesome things you can do now that Tezos integration is live

In addition to the above mentioned things, you now can also: