Cryptoys Collectibles Now on The Digital Toy Exchange Powered by RaribleX

Attention, collectors! The Digital Toy Exchange is open for business

Cryptoys Collectibles Now on The Digital Toy Exchange Powered by RaribleX

As web3 growth reaches toys and collectibles, IPs find a natural evolution in the world of NFTs. Fans and brands get to interact with their favorite projects in an exciting new way—think immersive new technology and ownership.

At Rarible, we have a proven track record of building custom NFT marketplaces for iconic brands, whether or not they’re just getting started in web3.

Now, we are thrilled to introduce The Digital Toy Exchange, a dedicated marketplace for Cryptoys NFTs, powered by RaribleX.

Cryptoys meet Rarible

Onchain Studios is a new digital toy company that combines toys, gaming, and entertainment to create an expansive and playable universe with Cryptoys.

Onchain’s Cryptoys has created their own original characters, and most recently joined forces with major partners to bring fan-favorite characters to the Cryptoyverse. Cryptoys are fully interactive 3D digital toys that can be unboxed, unwrapped, and played with across a variety of interactive, digital experiences.

Cryptoys set out to build the toy of the future taking advantage of all the latest technologies, and enabling true ownership was part of that vision from day one. RaribleX is thrilled to be Cryptoys’ partner in this innovative endeavor.

Introducing the Digital Toy Exchange

Live now, The Digital Toy Exchange offers a streamlined experience allowing anyone in the community to browse, buy and sell NFTs at ease.

  • Search with precision: Easily find Cryptoys or items by specific collections or series.
  • Buy and sell to other collectors: Purchase or list a Cryptoy for sale using USDC, with simple and transparent processes.
  • Manage listings efficiently: Keep track of your listings and have complete control over your collectibles.

Alternatively, the Toyken Market, the native Cryptoys marketplace, offers a seamless experience for users to buy and sell Cryptoys directly.

This versatility makes it the go-to destination and establishes Cryptoys as a leader in digital toys.

Redefining the future of play 

​Toys and NFTs are merging ahead of other industries, creating a new frontier where the physical and digital worlds intersect. Cryptoys is transforming traditional toy experiences, and we’re proud to be supporting their mission.

Explore The Digital Toy Exchange and discover the groundbreaking projects we’re developing.

Be sure to check out RaribleX's success stories to stay updated on our journey in building the future of toys with NFTs.